September 24, 2012

Our First Time Looking at Homes

Oh my gosh, had it been an episode of House Hunters it would have been the funniest episode ever!  V picked out the first house (my first choice sold, boo) and I selected three others one of which was a foreclosure because hey why not?

V's cousin's husband is a successful realtor so we asked him to be ours on this journey, boy am I glad we did.  For starters he has educated us every step of the way and handled our multiple emails with such grace and he was fun to look at homes with, I totally understand why he has been so successful even though the recession.

We looked at V's #1 pick first and both fell in love.  The home is essentially move in ready.  The main floor has a open concept living/dining/kitchen, a bedroom and bathroom that will be Liam's as well as a great master suite.  The backyard is almost complete minus a little sod and covers for the egress windows.  The yard is smaller than I'd like but there is room enough to play, patio with room for a bbq is already installed.  The two car garage already has an automatic opener in stalled as well.  The house also has an unfinished basement with room for two more bedrooms and a bath (or a master suite, and large family room), there is also an existing laundry area.  It's a really nice house that is comfortably in our budget.

The next three houses are were the comedy comes in.  I just have to say that realors are sneaky with their pictures!  Or maybe I need to pay closer attention to what isn't pictured!  The second house had a fantastic yard but the kitchen was so small, SO small!  it was galley style with only two inches on either side of my hips!  And the livingroom was more like an entry way.   The third house was occupied by renters (though they were not home as we scheduled the viewing), those renters were clearly 5-6 guys, the house was nasty dirty and while the layout was was on the edge of a drainage ditch!  Um, in the middle of town, what?!  Not only that the ditch ran along the side and back of the house with no fence, and no room for a fence! Can you say rejected?!  The last house was the foreclosure......and a mobile home on a basement, I didn't even know you could do that!  Ugh.  The pictures were so sneaky with a big deck and mature maple free, also the layout of the pictures was confusing, sneaky!  I kept singing "queen of my double wide trailor" to V. Haha!

After the final  house V and I went for some frozen yogurt (the grandparent's were enjoying some Liam time).  We talked over our options and basically came to the conclusion that we both really love the first house.  Crazy.  We agreed to take a little time to pray on it before making any more decisions.  I really hope the answer comes to us soon, this house could sell really fast and I think I'm getting attached! Ek!

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