July 31, 2012

Feeling Pretty {Me Time}

Since completing  my first half marathon earlier this month I'm finding it difficult to make time for myself.  I know I've said it a million times before but I don't like spending time away from Liam unless he's asleep, I'm a working mom and therefore I only get maybe 3 hours with him after work each day.  I'm blessed that V and I have similar work schedules and that Liam sleeps 12 hours at night, this allows many opportunities for me to take "me" time.

The problem lies with me actually taking the time and using it for myself.  I typically run around like a mad woman cleaning, organizing and doing things that could easily wait for another day.  I'm taking a bit of a break from running too, running is certainly me time but my body needs restoration.

Last night though I went out of my way for some Jen time.  After Liam went down I told V I was going to run errands and I intended to but my nails have been bugging me for....ever.  I'm not usually that girl that wants a manicure, sure I like them but I also enjoy doing my own nails.  Lately though my hands have been rough and my cuticles a hot mess, it was time.  I would typically want to go to a nice spa and enjoy a fancier manicure but it was 8pm on a Monday night, only the express place in the mall would still be open.  I jetted over there and after a short wait my nail were being primped and polished!  I got to sit in relative silence, enjoy some Olympics (Volley Ball) and come out feeling pretty, success....sweet success!  I no longer had time to run the errands I wanted to accomplish, all the placed I had hoped to hit up were closed and I couldn't have cared less!  I stopped at the grocery store near our home to get a few things, got gas and headed home.  I literally pranced through the door, I felt that good about myself (new moms are easy to please!) I declared no errands were accomplished, I got a manicure!  V just smiled; good!

Tonight Liam is down for the count, he's getting two more teeth (on the tops) and it's wiping him out.  V is playing video games and I think I'm going to ignore the chores I could do and look for a new book!  (V got me a kindle fire for My Birthday/Mother's Day and I love it!!! I've already read: Kisses from Katie, Girl Walks Into a Bar, Bossypants & Where You Left Me.)

I hope each of you are having a lovely Tuesday!

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  1. So nice you had a great evening! Taking care of your needs will make you a better Mom and wife. :) Kit