July 9, 2012

The Day After {My First Half Marathon}

Today has been slightly surreal.  It's hard to believe that yesterday really did happen.  When my alarm went off at 6am I was completely confused and really wanted another hour of sleep!  Putting my feet to the floor was slightly painful and I was a bit stiff but I didn't have time to be stiff-life was calling!  I showered and got ready for work before Liam was awake (typical day), not gonna lie I was hobbling around!  I specifically chose to wear a dress to work and dressy sandals so I didn't have to deal with pants and heals.  After Liam was up we all ate breakfast and before we knew it the time had come to head out.

The work day was long and short all at once.  My boss and co-worker also did the half marathon (my boss did her first half marathon last year and my co-worker did her first full last year).  For every one minute of work we did we talked about the race for eight minutes, it was really funny!  My boss commented several times that we were all still on a runner's high! I could tell my body wasn't handling sitting at a desk all day well; it craved a walk, some stretching, salad and sunshine.  No dice.  Thankfully we all did go to lunch and enjoyed some Mexican food which also meant a short walk in the sun.

Finally quitting time rolled around, I thought for sure I could at least get Liam out for a quick walk right when I got us home.  No dice again, it starting to thunder before we even got around the block.  After feeding all of us, Liam needed a bath and suddenly it was 7pm and Liam was exhausted so we put him to bed.  Freedom!  V totally understood and set me free!  I went to Target and just wondered around.  I emerged to cooler temps (it had been upper 90's earlier in the day).  I returned home and walked around our neighborhood, it felt so good to just walk!  After a while I was missing my hubby so I went home and snuggled until bed time (well, I blogged just before heading to bed, wink-wink).

The funny thing is I sorta feel like I did last summer, right after having Liam.  My priority (second to taking care of my family) is listening to my body, I'm eating what I feel called to eat and, when possible, just doing what will help it heal.  I feel great now, I'm super happy and proud of this accomplishment....and just might be already planning my next (much shorter) run/race.  Hehe!!


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  1. So very proud of you! This is such a great accomplishment, especially considering some of the "hurdles" you have had to face in the recent past. Keep going! It is a great way to make ones body healthy. Only wish I could follow my own advice....LOL Kit