January 3, 2013

Setting Goals for 2013

I've decided to start setting some specific goals, and posting them here in an effort to be more accountable:

(In no specific order)
    • Financial
      • Double our savings by 12/31/13
      • Finally get V to abide by the budget WE agreed too....one can hope
      • start 529 for Liam, contribute to it monthly no matter the amount
      • open savings and contribute to it for Disney World Family Vaca in 2015 or 2016
      • Find one way/month to save more $$
    • Faith
      • Jan 3, 2013 begin "bible in a year" plan
      • finish reading entire bible 12/31/2013
      • Attend church no less than 2 times per month
      • Volunteer in nursery with Liam: June, Sept, Dec '13
    • Fitness/Health (This can also be considered "Me")
      • Three-Five 5ks
      • One 10k
      • One Half Marathon (Rock N Roll 1/2 in Portland May '13)
      • Winter: One Body Combat/Body Pump Type Class Per Week(total 52 classes)
      • Winter: One Spinning Classes (or other cardio) Per Week
      • Spring & Fall: Run two-three (four while training for Half Marathon)
      • Continue to use My Fitness Pal to maintain weight 
      • Read 10 Books
    • Liam
      • maintain "Letters to My Liam" blog (post no less than 1/week)
      • Finish Liam's First Year Scrapbook-done!
      • upload pictures to website month (end result: yearly family photo book)
      • no less than 2 "mommy and me" outings/month
      • annual family pictures (professional)
      • Donate 50% of the clothes Liam has grown out of, consign the other 50%
    • Marriage/Home
      • No less than one date night/month
      • Surprise V once a month with something small that will make him smile and feel special
      • Work to enjoy things my hubby enjoys
      • B---h less about video games (surprise him with one?)
      • Find House/Buy/Move In/Decorate
      • Find/use no less than one new healthy recipe/month
      • Create Weekly/Monthly Chore list to stay on top of cleaning better& stress less
    • Friends
      • One-Two playdates/month
      • Once in new house: host little parties quarterly 
      • No less than one girls night/month sans Liam
      • Once/month do something special for friend (low cost)

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  1. I think you have inspired me to come up with a few more.