November 3, 2012

Running for the Health of It

As fall descends on our city opportunities for a run become fewer and fewer.  I managed to squeeze a run in on Friday because I had taken a half day of paid time off for some much needed "me" time.  It's gotten pretty cool here, most days are cloud covered and below 50 (at best).  Friday's run was good, not great but absolutely worth it.  I had planned (and paid for) a race on Saturday morning but wasn't entirely sure I'd really do it.

Then Saturday morning rolled around.  Liam's been getting up at 6:00 am every-single-day. Normally he gets up at just shy of 7am on weekdays and almost 8am on weekends.  To say I was tired was an understatement.  We ate and played while the morning ticked away.  I himmed and hawed over whether or not I'd do my race.  I really wanted to, especially because I'd already paid for least it was another charitable race so the money hadn't gone to waste if I didn't run.  Then V pointed out the obvious; You know you will feel great after and be glad you did (and if you don't you'll be super grumpy later).  Point taken, I dressed and laced up at the very last minute.  Poor little Liam gets all upset when I start gettting ready, he was {surprisingly} still up when I left, which I hate but I could tell he needed a nap and would be down any minute.

I arrived at the race just in time to get my bib, put my goody bag (which had a cute hat! Yay!) in the car and warm up a little.  I couldn't have timed it better!  The course was a bit windey which I didn't love but at least they had plenty of volunteers to tell us where to turn.  I wondered if I'd think a lot about my Autoimmune Disease while doing the race since the race was for the local Oncology Nurses (the money went to benefit those who can't afford testing and treatment) but I didn't and I'm glad.  It was a cool morning, maybe mid-thrities.  I don't really even remember hearing my music while I ran, I was trying so hard to keep my pace steady.  I had to walk several times (stupid asthma!) but felt like I was able to run longer stretches.  Before I knew it I could see the end, once I had a straight path to the finish line I put it in full gear and ran as hard a I could.  There were two little girls cheering people on and they thought that was awesome, they started jumping and shouting even louder which encouraged me to really push!  There was a photographer right at the finish line, I remember smiling SO big because I realized I'd done my personal best and was able to be under an 11 minute miles.  I couldn't have been happier, here I was healthy enough to do this and help others and I'd gotten my personal best!

After confirming my official time I grabbed fancy coffees and bagels for V and I on the way home.  At home Liam was fast asleep one hour into his nap (usually between 2-3 hour now).  V and I ate and snacked after he took a pic for me.  I'm so very glad I did the race, V was right again.  I'm so sad that my running season is over, it's just too cold to continue (and I don't want to run in rain and snow).  I'm going to miss it so much!

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