October 2, 2012

We may have found Home....

I have researched and researched, asked question after question and know almost all there is to know about this house, it's all in line with what we want and can comfortably afford.  V fell in love immediately, I fell in love when we walked through it a few weeks ago.  I look at it online....a lot.  We've prayed a ton and feel like this is the one for us, now we just have to start the negotiations. Last night after work Liam and I met our realtor at the house, I just wanted to stand in it with Liam.  It was so sweet, he was immediately comfortable and quickly starting cruising around the house (which is a one-level plus unfinished basement).

 I've talked it over with those who have far more knowledge about this stuff than I do and they all seem to think we can get it for what we want (which is less than the list price).  Our first offer is on the lower end, we are anticipating a counter and as long as it's about in the middle we will be homeowners by Thanksgiving.  I can hardly believe it.  My only worry is if the seller doesn't need to sell it and can wait it out for a asking price offer, it's a nice home and we sure do love it but it's priced above where we feel is rational (and comfortable).

I've daydreamed of our first holidays there, of walking to the near by park, of having friends over for bbqs/dinners (something we have never done in our rental).  I dream of how we can finish the basement (bedrooms, a family room and spare bathroom as well a the laundry area). My heart leaps a little at the thought of Liam knowing it as the house he grew up in and calls home.  *cue tears*

If you have any spare thoughts/prayers I'd love one for us during this journey!

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