October 11, 2012

Something to Blog About

Gosh, I just haven't been making time to blog lately.  Pretty often I'll have something run through my mind and I'll think that would make a great blog post!  But with everything I've been juggling lately it rarely happens, clearly.

It's a lot to be a working mom, heck it's a lot to just be a mom!  I've always had a lot on my plate, I've always liked being busy...heck I had three jobs while in college full time AND I'd volunteer somewhere regularly AND date V.   All of that seems like cake compared to working full time, managing a household and smashing as much Liam time as I can get into a day, not to mention some "me" time.  Oh yeah then add in looking for a house to buy.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

However I'm not complaining at all.  I have so much to be thankful for.  V and I have come a long way in the last few months, I would never have imagined having a child would be such a challenge to our relationship (especially when we tried hard for that child) but it was, most of the first year was really hard but we finally turned a corner and are doing great again.  Thank God.  We certainly aren't perfect but we are really good together, we love our family and are truly blessed.

On the house search front, we'll it's still a search that is for sure.  You know all those things I mentioned a few paragraphs up about working full time etc?  Well they also happen to make going to look for a house hard too but this weekend we've lined up four more contenders so fingers crossed!  If I remember right two of them are foreclosures which V isn't thrilled about but you never know until you look!

In more upbeat news Liam is amazing!  He's growing up so quickly!  He's a professional walker now, he loves to be outside in the crunchy leaves!  We just had family pictures done and I couldn't be more in love!  We all wore super hero shirts per V's demands request. Liam was Spiderman, I- Wonder Woman naturally and V was Batman (again).  Currently Liam is getting even more teeth (current tally is 9, yes 9 since March!)  Right now his other molar is trying to pop through.  On top of that he and I have been sharing a cold, the poor little guy.  I think we've both about kicked the cold, the next few days should tell.  He's trying really hard to master some new words but his main focus has been books lately.  He will go get a book, wiggle his way into your lap and recline while you read to him (he also likes to turn the pages) then when the story is finishes he'll get up and get another book and repeat.  99% of the time it's adorable, then that 1% of the time when you have to read the same 4 page book 13 times in a row (seriously) not so much.  BUT I'll take it, I'll take whatever I can get from my little guy, every moment is special and fleeting.

Ok well at least I wrote about something.  Now if only I could get a workout in tonight....hmmmm.

Happy Thursday!

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