March 29, 2012

I'm still alive!

Whew, life has been so busy, but I love it!  I've felt at a loss for topics to write about lately, this blog is really my journal and a place for me to vent, explore emotions and release....but with all the running (more like jogging) I've been doing I've been able to explore emotions and release while getting my sweat on, so I've been a bit MIA here, sorry.

Things are good, it's very Spring in MT....which doesn't mean a ton yet, it's a little chilly and we've had some rain but Summer is a coming, things are starting to green up!  Liam and I are itching to start hiking (I scored a framed pack to wear Liam in and already used it once!).  I day dream of taking the day off work to take Liam to a local water park (more like park with water feature, same diff).

Liam is amazing, he now has two teeth (bottom center), scoots, loves his Johnny Jump Up and the dog more each day.  He can say Mom-mom and Dadda but mostly uses Da-da-da when not babbling in general.  He eats anything you put in front of him food wise, except carrots....he hates carrots.  He loves feeding himself! One of the meals I often make for him is pureed turkey breast with whole wheat spiral noodles with a little basic marinara and a veggie (butternut squash is his fav), he loves to feed himself the noodles.  He's also a pro with his sippy cup.  I think he's right on the verge of crawling and waving.  Where has time gone?!?!?

My heath is good, another month until my next scheduled appt with  Dr T and I'm feeling good.  Some days I worry and over think this whole crazy thing so I'm learning to just breath and use critical thinking skills to handle the hard moments.  The hardest times are when I start to think long term/big picture since my autoimmune disease is pretty unpredictable, while all of our futures are uncertain to some extent, mine is more so...this is no bueno for the planner in me....but I'll get there.  One day at a time.

V and I are fine, we've hit a bit of a rough patch as all marriages do.  Hmmm... since I'm writing from work I think that is all I'll say about that.

Work is great, all three of us are training for the marathon in July (including the new girl, who is amazing)...this has helped the over all attitude of our office.  There is a lot to be said about exercise increasing happiness.  Work is also busy which makes the days go buy, that coupled with the raises I've gotten in the last year make it all worth while.

The only other thing bouncing around my mind today is my 10 year reunion is coming up.  I didn't have the most enjoyable childhood, to say the least....I'm uncertain if I'll attend any of the events.  It doesn't help that the reunion it's self is the day before the marathon (minimum of two hours away).  I'll probably decide at the last minute if I'll attend.

So there you have it, all the goings on of my little world.  I hope each of you are well, including all the preggos out there!  Summer is going to be amazing and by the end there will be LOTS of new babies in our lives!


  1. Love hearing that everything is going well, overall! Things start to feel so much more positive and uplifting when warmer temperatures are around the corner. That hiking backpack sounds so great!! Good for you training for the marathon - agreed, having an exercise/health support system at work makes it a better place! Hugs!

  2. You are a busy lady!! I liked this little update. I can't believe all the new things L learns every day. :) Glad work and all is going well for you!