May 18, 2013


I saw this on Julie's blog over at and thought it'd be a fun way to actually get a post done....and I love surveys!

Current Guilty Pleasure?
Spicy Food! I can't tell you how many spicy dishes I've had this week!!
Current Blessing?
Our home, I'm so in love with it!
Current Favorite Show?
Newlyweds the First Year on Brovo!  I just love the four different couples!
Current Excitement?
I'm back to training for a Half Marathon (in 56 days) I love running, I love having a plan and something to accomplish!  Also we are planning a trip possibly with V's parents this summer, looks like; camping, a zoo and a trip to a National Park....all things V and I love and can't wait to expose Liam to!

Your turn!
  • Current Guilty Pleasure?
  • Current Blessing?
  • Current Favorite Show?
  • Current Excitement?

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